2014 Olkola People preparing for land handback

»»2014 Olkola People preparing for land handback

The Kimba Plateau on Cape York Peninsula is a naturally and culturally significant area, including its geodiversity and geoevolution values. Olkola country exhibits a high diversity of geology, soils, flora and fauna associated with the meeting of Gulf Plains, Coen Inlier and Laura Basin.

The Kimba Plateau is a rugged and remote landscape which provides an important refuge for sensitive plant and animal species including one of only two areas for the nationally vulnerable plant Jedda multicaulis, the rare vegetation class of Darwin stringybark forests is found over most of the plateau, it is the headwaters for five rivers and has significant biodiversity values and intact ecosystems due to the undisturbed nature of the area.

The Olkola Corporation feel very strong about protecting and managing this area of headwaters for five rivers and is one of the key contributing factors for identifying this project area.

The Olkola people believe very strongly in supporting the protection of known vulnerable and significant natural areas. This area also has great cultural values, which the Olkola people would like to GIS spatially record and record the elders talking about them. This work will support the future aspirations of having a full scientific and cultural understanding of their lands, particularly recognised as significant or vulnerable for ongoing land management.

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